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Get Involved and Engage with Poly
Alumni Volunteer Guide

Poly Prep is a community in which lifelong friendships are made and where teachers and coaches continue to inspire each new generation of students. No matter how far one may travel and how many years pass, Poly alumni are always welcome here. Paying it forward to younger students is part of who we are and helps make us strong.

Helping out is easier than you think! Check out our new Poly Alumni Volunteer Guide.

From reaching out to classmates and increasing alumni Annual Giving participation to reunion celebrations — there’s an opportunity that’s just right for you! We look forward to working together and seeing you!

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Engage with Poly
  • Attend school and alumni events
  • Connect with a Student Club
  • Contribute a story for the Polycam or Polygon
  • Share your story through Class Notes
  • Come see the Upper School Musical
  • Come see an Upper School Performing Arts show
  • Cheer on the Blue Devils
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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Poly alumni volunteers give back, pay it forward, and make a lasting impact. For more information about becoming an alumni volunteer please contact Donna Muoio P’13, ‘17, Director of Alumni Relations.

"I am grateful for having learned so much and for having met so many wonderful people along the way."
-- Alex Maresca Azara P’00, P'33
"The educational leaders in this school saw to it that my child had an education that was beyond parallel."
-- Eustace Greaves P’12