Educational Philosophy

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Why choose Poly?
Academic excellence. Diversity. Arts. Athletics. The reasons are as multifaceted as our students and as diverse as Brooklyn itself. All begin, however, from a shared desire to enable students to live a life of purpose and meaning, in middle school and beyond.

How do we do it?
In the Middle School, we begin by recognizing the profound transformations that occur in a child’s life during these years. Students grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically from 5th to 8th grade. That growth is both exciting and sometimes challenging. But here at Poly, we embrace challenge as an opportunity for positive change and self-awareness, both essential features of a purposeful life.

How do we empower our students to embrace the changes that they will experience in middle school and make the most of them, not least by developing habits of mind, body and character that will serve them, and their communities, throughout their lives?
Poly’s Middle School nurtures curious, broad-minded, and empathetic thinkers who grapple with difficult concepts, question what they see and hear, and are conscientious of their impact on the world, near and far.

Poly faculty, deans, and staff remain alongside them every step of the way, promoting their development as thinkers and doers, their engagement with the arts, and their confidence on the athletic fields. Our students’ emerging intellectual acuity, like their newfound strength and height, signal their readiness to seize moments of growth and change.